Though the fact that April 1st falls on a Sunday  this year diminishes some of the fun of April Fool’s Day – as most of us won’t be in our offices – there’s still a lot to look out for.  Consider this to be a friendly public service to make sure you don’t look the fool too easily.  As we don’t know what tricks are up some marketers’ sleeves, here’s a perfect opportunity to look back at some of the foolery from last year to help protect ourselves on this upcoming day of fools – as mandated by Justices Alito and Ginsburg…

Last year, London’s morning Metro promised to deliver the news and a snack.  I just don’t know how likely the custom of leaving issues on the Tube for others to pick up and read would continue. Kudos to Warner Bros. for getting the WILLY WONKA call-out.

Marmite tempted the taste buds with their supposed joining with Vaseline to offer some good old yeast extract lip therapy.  It makes me gag just thinking about it.

Some people were extremely saddened that this offer of Child Free sites was just an April Fool’s joke. I’m sure they would have had quite a few takers had it been for real.

Supposedly some people made this drink with lemon juice and milk and said it was good. I can’t imagine, but a hearty “Huzzah” to Captain Morgan for having some fun and the people who tried this with the implicit risk of projectile vomiting.

Luckily, the following offered new jobs for a hard-hit economy:

So, anybody who was incredibly smart with an encyclopaedic memory with the ability to type 34,000 words per minute who was struggling to find a job could have gotten this Autocompleter job at Google.

And because nobody can believe that something about dogs is not true, You’ve got to love the Hundstol dog high chair that IKEA was advertising.

April Fool’s Day is an underrated opportunity for brands and companies to have some fun. It’s a shame that it does not fall on a work day this year as a bunch of the fun will be diminished. Fortunately, the Supreme Court has not laid down the law as it pertains to fooling family members or housemates. Good luck.