//Connected TVs Still Not Ready For Primetime

Connected TVs Still Not Ready For Primetime

A new study shows that 62% of consumers do not yet have internet connected TVs with most of them not interested in doing so.  Wayne Friedman wrote about the study, but neither he nor the study really go into all of the forms of available content.  They focus on TV shows and films that might be streamed.  Of those who are connected, 10% of 13-64 year-olds watch TV programs; 11% watch movies (at least monthly) using a streaming service through a TV set. This increases to 17% to 18% among young viewers 13-31.  Internet features like Facebook and Search are most frequently used, but the numbers are not mentioned.

The surfing and true internet activity is most-likely happening on computers, tablets and smartphones where some research shows that 75% of US viewers regularly surf the net while watching television.

What is really missing here is the type of interactive content that can only really be consumed effectively on the big screen.  Those content items would be things like BD-Live and the apps that are now coming standard on TVs like Panasonic’s Vieracast.  Sadly, the offerings are just not strong enough to drive interest in converting consumers.

Even those who are interested run into challenges.  My own example is probably closer to the norm. 18 months ago, I had Cat 6 cabling throughout the house and connected all my devices – TVs, Blu-ray, Consoles, etc.  Everything was set until I wanted to show BD-Live to someone.  I popped in the disc, went to the menu and triumphantly pressed BD-Live only to find that I was not connected – even though the Blu-ray player was plugged in.

Its hard enough to market the BD-Live features to people – I’ve done more than enough of my fair share – but to have all the hardware challenges with no real excitement about the offered content, it’s a losing proposition.  It is a chicken or the egg story as having more people interact with BD-Live would probably add to its interactivity and marketability, but many are waiting for that special sauce to make them convert.

So, we are still talking about the buzz-words with nothing really to back it up.

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