Often, companies find themselves in short-handed or heavily-layered management situations that lead to disjointed, unimaginative and money-wasting campaigns.  It requires someone whose sole focus is in working with all the stakeholders/entities to find the best ways to approach the strategy holistically and singularly; leveraging resources to build the largest possible awareness and buzz around the product or brand – in short, laying the groundwork for success. It is not just about digital, creative, AV, PR or even the underlying IP – Strategy is about all of it and how each part works off of and adds to each other.  Scarlet Strategic provides just that:

Based on the product or campaign, advise on the strategy and deliver the roadmap for execution.  Strategy could consist of any function or collection of functions of marketing – Print, AV, Digital, Paid Media, Social, PR, Original Content, etc.
– Meet with management and mutual stakeholders to define and clarify underlying objectives.
– Explore all components of the company to ensure the most holistic and streamlined approach.
– Define the narrative that will envelop the entire campaign or corporate strategy.
– Develop Project/Campaign Plan
– Assess available resources to determine how they could correlate within the execution of the strategy.
– Identify Promotional partnership opportunities that can greatly expand relevance, reach and effectiveness for the product/campaign.
– Specify comprehensive suggestions or guidelines for execution of each of the engaged functions.
– If internal resources are not available, suggest vendors who can best execute on each component.
– Work with management to refine the above into a true guide for the company’s move forward.