When it comes to execution, there are many parts in motion at all times that relate to each other.  Without someone solely focused on the campaign from a “big-picture” perspective, the opportunities for wastage, wrong turns and failure grow exponentially.  Every action has a reaction and leadership is required to liaise among all groups to ensure that everything productively moves forward to a successful completion. Scarlet Strategic provides that visionary leadership.

Upon completion of the Strategy and Roadmap, manage internal and some external resources to ensure effective and successful execution of the Project/Campaign (as loosely described above with the exception of Paid Media.)
– Act as point for the overarching campaign elements and executive level communications both internally and externally.
– Attendance at Status Meetings (weekly or bi-weekly)
– Either in-person or via phone, review of status reports/issues
– Timely communication with all parties involved
– General review of development and output
– Assessment and reframing of project as needed
– Participate in post-implementation analysis, discussion, review and recommendations.