In media planning, agencies can often end up just “checking off the boxes” or push for placement on favored outlets rather than looking at each individual plan as an opportunity to reach the intended target in ways that are contextual, engaging and really matter.  When the client has a resource on their side with the connections and ideas that can optimize their reach, engagement AND their spend, that resource is invaluable. Scarlet Strategic has over $1B worth of paid media campaign experience ranging from Global to National to Local – providing truly invaluable media guidance.

Based on the overall strategy, work with the media agency to exact the strongest and most cost-effective media campaign across traditional, digital and mobile media.
– Work with agency to find best ways to extend the narrative of the product
– Leverage both Scarlet Strategic and client’s existing connections with publishers of every vertical, look to engage the packages that will stand out and generate the needed engagement with the target audience.
– As campaigns alone cannot always ensure hoped-for exposure, define ways to generate publicity surrounding the actual execution.
– Depending on the overall budget and deliverables, this could also include managing the creative vendor.
– Once the campaign is live, constantly communicate with the media agency to ensure opportunities for plan optimization based on real-time performance data
– Ensure effective and worthwhile metrics are captured pre-campaign and analyzed post-campaign to gain key learnings for the future