What’s the difference between a simple site and a Complex or Global one?  Scale. In most instances, these sites rely on either multiple vendors or multiple teams within one vendor’s staff working in tandem to get a lot done in a limited amount of time.  With sites like these, details and communication (many times in multiple languages) are key. Not many people have the experience ten times over to handle this type of site – Scarlet Strategic does:

Generally, it’s the same as above, but with many more elements to define and work through – and more work on localization if needed.  In addition to regular site structure and functionality, requirements are set for regular updates and the future addition of features.  Usually, theses sites require sophisticated interactive components that are more challenging to spec out, communicate with vendors and develop/QA. Additional to the above listing:
– Participate in weekly calls of at least one hour for global site development and then usually at least another 30-60 minutes a week to discuss international specific updates and concerns.
– Conceive ideas based on available assets and narrative structure to engage build out of specific features.
– Sometimes requires management of multiple vendors to ensure successful delivery of multiple parts – often with inter-related functionality.
– Work with vendor/s to create copy decks for translation – proofing them before sending out and adding items that might have been errantly omitted. Sites like these can call on as many as 40+ languages across 140+ countries.
– Source translations in phases as content is developed in English for Global or Multi-language sites.
– Proactively discuss development practices with the vendor in the hopes that localization can be as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, they don’t always take this to heart, so there is a constant checking in to see what changes need to be made depending on the route they have taken.
– Constantly collaborate with and prod vendor when they want to simplify from their proposal due to time and resources.  Constantly challenge and push to get the best product possible on the client’s behalf.
– Resource asset development from different departments and approaching them directly to get the most-up-to assets to help our site development.
– Maintain brand integrity to mitigate allowing anything to slip through – legal, narrative or otherwise.
– Manage approval process among Brand and Legal.
– Ensure consistency across all versions and communicating the need for more assets to help with that consistency.
– Analyze traffic data to making real-time suggestions for optimization and growth.