With video and original content proving to be a cost-effective way to make an emotional connection with a broad audience quickly, more and more requests for this effective form of marketing have been coming through.  Having executive produced as many as 9 pieces of original within any 3 month span; Scarlet Strategic has proven effective in executing award-winning content on point and cost-effectively.

Based on the overall strategy, we work with management, agencies and production companies to bring compelling original content to the internet, television and cinemas.
– Develop the concept and/or script
– Engage the strongest production entity for the project
– Maintain relations with numerous production entities covering traditional filmmaking through animation and 3D.
– On-set oversight of any physical production.
– Directs production if needed.
– Review First Pass
– Give Notes
– Review 2nd Pass and traffic through necessary client/management approvals
– Provide notes to vendor
– Ensure delivery in proper format to final destination
– Once completed, work through distribution relationships to get widest circulation and largest viewership possible.