PR/Events/Interactive Features/Mobile/Social/Educational Outreach/Partnerships/Games/Misc

The previous examples are some of the more easily defined engagements, but there is often so much more that plays a part in any campaign.  From the conception and production of events, to the PR development, Educational outreach program creation, Partnership architecture, mobile programs, games, apps and more – there are many layers and levels of ideation and management.  Scarlet Strategic has done them all.

– Build both Traditional and Digital PR campaigns, interface with PR agency and explain products for development. 
– Write press releases (some of which are picked up globally) and interface with major publications like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today both on the record and in a background capacity.
– Bring to market successful Apps through the Apple, Android and Windows Marketplaces.
– Produce theatrical, industrial and non-profit Events – including development, hiring, booking locations and talent, executing marketing, advertising and PR, managing location design, pulling permits and more.
– Conceive and produce many innovative and award-winning Mobile, Paid Media Creative, Social Media Campaigns and Games.
– Imagine and produce site-specific interactive events incorporating the latest technologies, devices and theatrics to extend the narrative of a product or brand and generate buzz and virtual extensions of those live events to consumers around the world.
– Devise numerous educational outreach programs for schools and organizations in connection with product releases over the years.
– Develop and manage numerous forms of digital marketing executions and tools, such as; Facebook Apps and Tabs, MSN Theme Packs, Email Signatures, YouTube Pages, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Presentation Powerpoints, Video Distribution and Aggregator Programs.
– Institute multi-layered, multi-format CRM programs with varieties in scale and frequency
– Produce compelling AV in all formats from 10 second mobisodes through long-form packages.
– Leverage affiliations and alliances with DJs, Performers, Wine and Spirits Distributors, Artists, Designers, Innovators, Technologists, Promotional organizations, Non-Profits, Educators and more to be able to carry out any type of event, outreach or program.

Everything above has been done with the utmost care and consideration for all of the stakeholders – communicating each step of the way and providing guidance to ensure that every campaign or experience reaches the intended target (and then some) cost-effectively.