Website development requires strong oversight to ensure that all marketing/business needs are met in elegant and clear ways.  Even the simplest sites can turn into a time and money drag if the vendors and development process (including internal reviews) are not managed properly. Scarlet Strategic brings a huge foundation of experiential knowledge to help ensure that the sites are not only built and posted effectively, but that there is no wastage,  lack of clarity or interaction logic issues that have been known to render beautiful sites to be useless wastes of money. Scarlet Strategic has been responsible for literally hundreds of websites and knows the score…

Work with management and vendor to create a simple site for a property.  There are many granular components that are not listed, but below are the basics:
– Crystallize general creative direction and objectives
– Determine vendor
– Help guide kickoff meeting with vendor and domestic counterpart
– Source Assets
– Review Comps 1st Phase
– Give Notes
– Review Comps 2nd Phase and get approval from management and whomever else
– Provide notes to vendor
– If there is a development block with the vendor, work through options and alternatives – acting almost like a creative director in some cases to get them on the right path.
– Communication with the legal team to be sure we are up to date with all legal requirements.
– QA Beta and give notes
– If created using a CMS for ease of localization, test for ease of localization.  If finally delivery is via a Localization kit, do a spot check to ensure all files are accounted for (all requirements for the localization kit will have already been delivered to the vendor early in the process.).
– Ensure successful live posting of the site and then communicate the launch the Microsite and/or Localization Kit’s availability.