//Football Help Us!

Football Help Us!

DirecTV has launched what could be considered either funny or scary – I’m still trying to figure out.  It’s one of those things where completely separate parameters can tip the scale from oddly entertaining to gratingly painfull.  Those separate parameters are controlled by the owners and players of the NFL.

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning “perform” in this cheesy send-up of a 70’s cop show to promote DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

I give DirecTV a lot of credit for doing this Original Content campaign.  There’s obviously not much they can do to incorporate the NFL and its players in uniform due to the lockout. And, unfortunately for DirecTV, the preseason sign-ups for the NFL Sunday Ticket is one of their largest drivers of new subscribers.  With the risk of a lost season (not as bad now as when they were producing this for when they launched almost a month ago) it allowed them to hit a key target group in a fun way – a way that almost whets the appetite for quick jumps to conversion when the lockout ends and the games begin.

Granted, they probably should have hired Spike Jonze (who set the standard by directing Beastie Boys’ Sabotage music video), and both the dialog and action is not outlandish enough to make some of the sequences a little lame.  But, it’s solid content with good execution and the right personalities to make it all worthwhile.

It could be looked upon fondly if the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is done soon. Of course, the scary painful element would come if the NFL season were cancelled and they decided to make this into a series.  Anyone up for Miami Hoops Vice with LeBron and D-Wade as Crockett and Tubs with Bosh in Edward James Olmos’ part?  Sadly, I’m more scared of that becoming a reality…

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