In partnership with Jenny Stiven of Clio Consulting, a weekly blab series – Geeks With Grey Hair – is an hour long conversation exploring the convergence of social and fandom for both live streamed and on-demand viewing.

Diving into all types of intellectual property with active fanbases (i.e. Film, Television, Comics, Literature, Gaming, Sport, etc.), Jenny and Jonathan cover off all aspects of finding, reaching, engaging, building and fortifying communities via digital and social platforms.

  • Episode 1611 – Video and Livestreaming: How to effectively plan for and use the video mediums in activating and engaging social communities. With the growing tools at our disposal, how do we deliver the best content in the best way – and at the best time?
  • Episode 1610 – Strategy VS Tactics: It is easy to get these two confused, but doing so only leads to deeper challenges. Establishing the What and Why before setting off on the What is key. Find out the separate importance of each in fostering community, while also touching on Star Wars Day, May The Fourth Be With You!
  • Episode 1609 – Alien Day: Consuming three decades of films and community build, celebrate Alien Day on 4.26 by taking a look back on the progression of that fan integration to what it has become with product integration – both good and bad.
  • Episode 1608 – International Social: With Jenny in San Diego and Jonathan in Budapest, the essence of International was at the forefront in diving into the considerations and strategies required when serving international fandoms and communities. It certainly is not as easy as turning on Google Translate!
  • Episode 1607 – How To Best Spend Time Among Fans: Too often, IP owners will assume that they can take a god-like presence among communities with interjections of statements and disconnected content distribution. Discover the pitfalls through shared past experiences and find out how to avoid such obstacles to becoming a part of and growing the fan community.
  • Episode 1606 – The Finer Aspects Of Social Community Management: Being an active participant on social platforms and/or having a sound content strategy does not lead to success in and of itself. The commitment to true community management is key and should not be overlooked. In this session, examples are given on why proper community management should not be scrimped on.
  • Episode 1605 – Social Media PR or Social Media vs. PR? What started out as a nebulous land grab between existing PR teams and digital teams has morphed into a more considerate dance between the two – perhaps a tango. Either way, there are definite strategic and executional considerations that must be made to ensure that social is effective.
  • Episode 1604 – The Tools To Supporting Social Fandom: Many tools have been created to better serve communities socially.  Which ones are better than others for content and reach? Which ones might be good for some communities and not for others? How can the use of proper tools enhance the community?  All this, and more, is revealed.
  • Episode 1603 – Hollywood’s Relationship To Social Fandom Pt. 2: The brightest shiny object in terms of feeding fandoms and tying to numerous communities is Hollywood. Through detailed examples of entertainment property social strategies and executions, learn from what has been successful and what has only led to a quick burst and early death.
  • Episode 1602 – Hollywood’s Relationship To Social Fandom Pt. 1: A short preamble setting the state for part 2 of this set. Perhaps it might have been smarter – in line with comics and graphic novels – to call this the epilogue.
  • Episode 1601 – Tech Platforms For Reaching And Managing Social Fandom: From establishing where the community is and how to best foster a sustained relationship, discover the pros and cons of each and what the future holds in the realm of  fandom.
  • Episode 1531 – It’s Holiday Time! Come All Ye Fandoms! In the spirit of the holidays, explore what’s cool this holiday season in relation to properties as well as taking a look back at what stands out from past holidays in comic books and franchise properties.
  • Episode 1530 – Storytelling In Social Fandom Pt 3: A completion of the trilogy on Storytelling in Social, dive further into how to actually reach and integrate the community into the storytelling.
  • Episdoe 1529 – Storytelling In Social Fandom Pt 2: Continuing on the commandments in social and storytelling, conversation turns to the unpacking of content, strategy, community and outreach to further build the community.
  • Episode 1528 – Storytelling In Social Fandom Pt 1: As with any other medium, the story is key. And so it is with social. Jenny lays down the Ten Commandments for embarking on a social strategy and participation with/fostering of any community.