//Location Based Marketing To Wait In Line For

Location Based Marketing To Wait In Line For

Too often, a campaign will be launched that seems to have just been executed in order to tick a “Location Based” event box.  In the case of a campaign from a few months ago in Brazil, they seem to have hit the nail on the head by offering a truly relatable experience for all who came across the campaign. The campaign was not even for a product – it was about awareness surrounding the need for organ donors because many just couldn’t wait long enough for their number to be called.

The event was sponsored by the hospital,  Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo, and executed by Y&R’s São Paulo office. The beauty of it was that it didn’t require someone to actually make the choice as to whether they wanted to participate or not.  Just by doing something in their normal lives, they were brought into the campaign.  In this case, it was the pulling of a number ticket for a deli counter line.

The numbers symbolized the number location in the line while waiting for an organ.  The biggest number on the ticket could have been somewhere around 27,951 – which would have caused concern if the lit number they were then serving was in the hundreds or less. After reading the copy that explains what the big number relates to and then provides the URL, it does tip-off the real number you are waiting to have called.

In the scheme of a day, it is a small blip out of the normal routine, but the simple and subtle message that intertwines a specific narrative into the mundane that makes the difference. Rather than getting people to step out of their norm and try something new, more opportunities should be ventured into where the location-based campaign really ties into what people went to the location for.

I do not know how they leveraged the video capture beyond the case study video shown above.  When going to the hospital’s site, there’s really not anything I can find and I do not know if there were any commercial video segments placed in media. Whatever it was, there is a strong lesson about how to best intertwine a message into the audience’s real world experiences. It’s so much harder to get someone to change their every day to wait in line for an experience – and this one came up with the great solution of bringing the experience to the line.

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