Uber As Verb? Or, Guide To Smart Diversification?

Yesterday, Uber launched a completely separate app utilizing their infrastructure in a super smart way - delivering food. They had been testing a version where drivers had a pre-selected set of food items for quick delivery in limited markets. They launched a menu every day, and if you wanted any items, they were meant to [...]

Just Because the Inventory’s There, Should It Be Taken?

Throughout the recent iMedia Video Summit, there were many mentions about penetration, reach, targeting, disruption and scale, but the discussions about actual audience experiences or emotional connections were limited. The question  pertaining to what the user would get out of the impressions was usually answered with a reading of stats, samplings and other tidbits, but [...]

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Conan Brings TechnoMagic To The Second Screen

In what has become this millennium's version of the arms race, everyone is racing to build their own second screen app.  While most are now using the same audio recognition technology to sync to the program you're watching, there have been some that are better than others with strong social connectivity but limited content and some are just [...]

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