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Has Apple Gone Too Far In Their Packaging?

As we know, Apple has established itself as the preeminent purveyors of great technology design.  They have that strong history of not only making great hardware and operating systems, they make them actually look great. It's no coincidence that their competitors have borrowed from some of those designs.  While some have gotten close on product [...]

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Transcending The Pitch And Becoming The Lifestyle

The delineation of Lifestyle Brands as a separate vertical is odd to me.  Its hard to think of "lifestyle brands" that don't retain a product at its core. Some examples of lifestyle brands - to me - are: Nike, Gatorade, Coca-Cola/Pepsi, and some could argue Apple or Facebook. You could arguably suggest that Livestrong at [...]

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The Tablet War Shines A Light On (Digital) Illiteracy

I usually dislike espousing demos because I believe the world's quickly-evolving anthropology is making demographics, as we know it, useless.  But, sometimes you just can't get away from certain truths about demographics. This is certainly on full display if you generally lump older consumer into the Digital Illiterate bucket.  As opposed to Digital Natives (those [...]

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Apple Changing Direction With Celebrities in Ads? That’s Funny…

Often, our memories escape us when thinking about our beloved brands.  Certainly, some commercials and jingles that we've seen for brands will be etched clearly in our memories.  For others, that might not be the case.  Perhaps that's why - as Apple's better-than-expected quarterly earnings announcement continued the upward climb of its stock price - the buzz of [...]

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The Silly Demand Dance

Will the strategy of limiting supply to generate buzz ever end?  In this age of "Everything I want, I want immediately", will people stand (or fall) for trickling distribution of an item that can't get to market quickly enough? It seems that Apple is leading the category in anticipation through limited supply - with the [...]

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Is Facebook The One To Rule Them All?

Yesterday, as the Mobile World Congress' Keynote Speaker, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor laid out the company's plans to "help" the mobile industry and developers work around the pesky control that Apple and Google now share. While unveiling two key programs that Facebook is looking to lead, he addressed Facebook's plans to tackle both the in-app purchasing and [...]

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