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Lessons From SXSW About Authenticity

At the SXSW Tech Conference, downtown Austin was flush with participants pitching their products and more people clamoring for and chasing insights into those products and more. Steve Smith points to the search for Authenticity in his MediaPost blog - Chasing Authenticity At SXSW.  While he was talking about Authenticity in relation to products and their [...]

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ESPN Can Second-Screen My Life!

As part of an article about the possibility for networks co-opting event rights - like NBC's Olympic coverage this Summer - without paying a penny, ESPN's EVP of multimedia sales told Adweek, "We want to see ESPN as a second screen for all sports. We know we have a lot of companion [mobile] usage even when [...]

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The Game of Cracking the Mobile Media

Yet another company has entered the scene promising points and chances to attain higher levels by interacting with advertisements - this time by former Apple exec Lars Albright and his company, SessionM.  There are a number of benefits for a consumer in the way of virtual goods, extra play or pride rewards by these types [...]

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Is Facebook The One To Rule Them All?

Yesterday, as the Mobile World Congress' Keynote Speaker, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor laid out the company's plans to "help" the mobile industry and developers work around the pesky control that Apple and Google now share. While unveiling two key programs that Facebook is looking to lead, he addressed Facebook's plans to tackle both the in-app purchasing and [...]

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Sometimes Free Is Like a Hock of Ham

With the budding sphere of cloud or online data locker's taking shape, a number of players are engaging land grab initiatives in the hopes of locking down market share.  While it is a good idea to offer free movies to enable consumer sampling of the product, the varied executions illustrate the core problem with the [...]

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