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Provocation Does Not Require A Kiss – Just Relevance

Talk about provocation... the Italian Benetton clothing brand could be considered Supreme Provocateurs.  With a long history of placing shocking photos in ads since they were one of the hottest brands in the late 80s with stores around the world, Benetton's UNHATE campaign follows suit closely.  The campaign features fake photos of world leaders kissing each other smack-dab [...]

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MTV Shows a Sexy Model for Web Events

It's rare to see a media outlet that does not either create exclusive shorts or post highlights for web and mobile in order to support on-air properties.  It's even rarer to see a media outlet putting all their eggs in the online basket in the hopes of generating more buzz for the channel or brand.  [...]

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Design is Great But Not Everything

Lisa Wehr posted a solid listing of The 7 Deadly Sins of Facebook Page Design on iMediaConnection today.  There are a number of valuable tips and, while it is clear that the focus is on design, don't forget that content is key.  There is the ubiquitous question regarding all forms of media as to what [...]

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Valuing Brand Ambassadors

At the Digital Hollywood conference yesterday, there was a solid panel titled, Who's Running Your Brand.  Of course, the main point of the panel was the fact that nowadays, much is left in the hands of fans.  Certainly, brands can do as much as possible to get their talking points and product information out, but the [...]

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Becoming Numb to the Screaming and Welcoming the Whisper

Back when I was developing movies and miniseries for television, I lamented how the broadcast products were being placed against premium cable products during awards season as they had a fundamental difference - broadcast movies had to have a seven act format that required some heightened element to draw people through the commercial break while cable [...]

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