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Beckham and H&M’s Tighty Whities Draw Event Marketing To The Cliffs Edge

H&M has just brought tighty whities to huge heights with their latest marketing event - projecting David Beckham images in various underwear products on the White Cliffs of Dover. The interesting part of it is that the stunt is the draw and not, necessarily, the execution or actual impressions. In this case, the brand presented a nice marketing [...]

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JCPenney Gets The Buzz But Misses The Point

Sarah Mahoney might have incorrectly or unfairly categorized JCPenney's newest ad as pandering to the Right in her recent MediaPost entry.  Whether it is, in fact, the company's attempt to counter any backlash that they have received from their same-sex marriage ads or not, they might be doing more damage than good - due to [...]

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Enough With The “Build It And They Will Come” Mantra!

With the winding down of the Digital Content NewFront (DCNF), one thing is clear - there is a lot of compelling video content.  The question remains - will enough people find it? Online/Mobile video providers are not the only ones confronting this dilemma. A multitude of options are available for audiences of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. [...]

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Fear Forces Social Television To Grow Up

TV Guide just released a survey about Social TV and the Mass Market and while I don't know how many people were included in the survey, one thing that stood out was the top reason for people to share what they are watching.  When asked "Why do you share what you're watching," the leading response was [...]

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The Silly Demand Dance

Will the strategy of limiting supply to generate buzz ever end?  In this age of "Everything I want, I want immediately", will people stand (or fall) for trickling distribution of an item that can't get to market quickly enough? It seems that Apple is leading the category in anticipation through limited supply - with the [...]

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A Terribly Great Exemplification of Viral

Just in time for the holidays, we are seeing proof that many factors are needed to create a "Viral" video - and when they hit, they are good.  As if viral videos were as easy to achieve as a full and healthy breakfast, the request for them is often and frequent.  Before YouTube and other video [...]

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Provocation Does Not Require A Kiss – Just Relevance

Talk about provocation... the Italian Benetton clothing brand could be considered Supreme Provocateurs.  With a long history of placing shocking photos in ads since they were one of the hottest brands in the late 80s with stores around the world, Benetton's UNHATE campaign follows suit closely.  The campaign features fake photos of world leaders kissing each other smack-dab [...]

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The iPhone 5 In Your Dizzying Future

The anticipation is about to come to an end, we hope.  Tomorrow, Apple will be doing a presentation and the assumption is that its squarely about the iPhone 5.  It is hard to remember any product update that has built such a stir as this iPhone 5 - if it is what the announcement is tomorrow.  Any other company [...]

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