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The Tensions Surrounding Negative Aspects In The Evolution Of Social Media

We've all benefitted in some form or another from the advances in technology made by industries that are all about destruction.  One simple example is the proliferation of navigation systems in our cars and mobile phones - made possible due to the military's development of the satellites and the underlying technology. But, it can be [...]

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USA Displays Character To Overcome Key Challenges

One of the challenges in entertainment is building a brand.  On the theatrical and home entertainment side, the titles change and it can sometimes feel like you are starting from scratch with each new release.  Disney may have a leg up on everyone else because of their overall brand and audience recognition, but often even that [...]

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Ripe For Dissection – Kraft’s Brain Power

Halloween is here and the temptation to just do some simple, silly post about something scary or spooky showing a few images was tempting until coverage of Kraft's Halloween Social programs came into view.  A piece in MediaPost's Marketing Daily by Karlene Lukowitz really focused on the key pieces where Kraft succeeded when so [...]

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A Challenge or Opportunity In Your Community

If you look at the results from a Pew Reasearch study that was just released a few weeks ago, it seems that Newspaper is not entirely dead when it comes to local information and events. It does seem to make perfectly clear that there are opportunities to fill the gap to provide comprehensive local community updates.  The [...]

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