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The Day A Visionary Died

When visionaries come along, they are usually not always thought to be so when they hit the scene. Many times, once they do reach a certain level of stature or praise, they lose their vision.  We've seen it time and again in history. When the Beastie Boys came on the scene in a big way in [...]

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A Bold Campaign By A Bold Brand

There are some brands that are of a certain ilk that make you wonder whether they really need to do any marketing at all.  They are the ones that everyone who would ever covet their product knows exactly who they are and can either get their products or just dream about them.  Some, like Tiffany, are [...]

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USA Displays Character To Overcome Key Challenges

One of the challenges in entertainment is building a brand.  On the theatrical and home entertainment side, the titles change and it can sometimes feel like you are starting from scratch with each new release.  Disney may have a leg up on everyone else because of their overall brand and audience recognition, but often even that [...]

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Facebook Is Rearranging the Bar in the Move to Timeline

Can you imagine if your favorite local store, restaurant or bar were to go through an overhaul each year?  They might have the same items, but decide to change the entire layout of the place. Or, they maintain the design and change from a breakfast-all-day place to sandwiches only.  Perhaps they decide that they will make people enter [...]

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Consistent Branding and the Key to Not Disappearing

While many small business executives state their belief in the importance of branding and identity, a surprising amount miss the mark.  When proper branding can have the largest impact on their company and its survival, they either choose to skimp on it by just having a logo created or worse, working counter to any identity at all.  [...]

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Sticking Your Neck Out For Consistency

When I attended Boston University, John Silber was the president at the time and his command of the university was controversial.  While he had been instrumental in growing the university to new heights, he was also known for controlling much more than the eduction and finances.  The best-known instance at the time actually drew Phil Donahue to televise his show [...]

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