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Tesco’s American Invasion Was DOA

UK grocery company, Tesco, has decided to pull out of their American Invasion and take a $1.8 Billion write-off (with the favorable UK exchange rate - only 1.2 Billion Pounds - it still doesn't soften the blow of the astounding loss.) Tiffany Hsu's LA Times article points to Tesco's misunderstanding of what the public wants [...]

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Packaging And What Nots

Just a few quick hits... SOUP & WARHOL Campbell's Soup is effectively double-dipping into the oeuvre of Warhol's "32 Campbell's Soup Cans" by trying to generate a buzz about the pieces of art that were created 50 years ago.  They have released four limited edition cans in Target Stores commemorating the release of those prints [...]

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It Sucks When You Stop Showing Up To The Party And Nobody Cares

After a ten-day blackout of Viacom-owned cable networks on DirecTV, the sides finally announced this morning that they have come to an agreement. It may be a while before it is absolutely clear what the real impact of this standoff was. During the blackout, there were measurable elements that fluctuated but the real ramifications could be [...]

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Digging Under The Shady Surface of Tracking IQ

In what is most likely just the tip of the iceberg, last week saw some serious drama play itself out between a mobile tracking company, Carrier IQ, and a security researcher, Trevor Eckhart.  The software is used by a number of mobile carriers on a number of mobile phones to track information that the company says help [...]

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Can Beautiful Commercials Get You Nowhere?

It seemed unlikely that Toyota would release yet another artsy commercial for their Prius models in the same month as their buzzing People Person spot, but they have just released two more artistic endeavors in support of the Prius V specifically. All handled by the same agency, Saatchi LA, it is great to see such a creative and [...]

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Delivered With An Artisanal Kick

Certainly, buzzwords are key to marketing and successfully introducing new products in a glutted market. Many of them, like "Organic" afford the opportunity for the producer to charge even more - regardless of what the term actually stand for.  In that realm, it is refreshing to see a large brand giving the buzzword a kick-in-the-pants [...]

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Does Home Work for Paramount?

Paramount just announced a restructuring, with a number of divisions coming together under one name to more readily respond to the growing forms of distribution for content under the name Worldwide Home Media Distribution.  There are a couple of key components that make it interesting; the formalization of bringing digital distribution under Home Entertainment (which [...]

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