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Don’t Fall Into The One Size Fits All Strategy Trap

At the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles last week, Lionsgate's CEO, Jon Feltheimer responded to a question with the statement that studios will likely be spending less on television ads and more on digital promotion in the future. Whether that full shift takes place in a few years or a decade, I don't know.  But the shift has [...]

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Leaders Of Media Will Get It And The Rest Will Be Pushing Buttons

Over the past couple of days, there's been many good panels taking place at the Spring Digital Hollywood conference in Marina del Rey. I believe I heard the conference's organizer, Victor Harwood, mention that there were over 600 participants through around five or six concurrent program lines (such as the Variety Entertainment and Technology, Connected TV - Hollywood Alliance, [...]

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Marketing Of Prescription Drugs Going to The Dogs

We have now become used to television commercials for prescription meds with their sadly humorous speed-reading of warnings and side-effects.  I guess that's why the ad for Trifexis caught my eye. The spot ran just as any other prescription drug spot would run with that very same disclaimer blog - both in voice-over and text. But [...]

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In Digital Media, Old School’s Not Where Its At

I Like MediaMind. I really do. They have been tremendous partners in assisting me in numerous game-breaking marketing executions over the years.  The ability to pull off some really cool things in the media space is helped greatly by their drive for trying new things and pushing the boundaries for rich media. That's why I [...]

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Was Discovery’s Penguin Execution A Gimmick For The Birds?

Tapping into lovers of Penguins might provide a hardcore audience, but whether it will generate buzz and a large audience for a television series remains to be seen.  Discovery has launched its digital campaign around its upcoming seven-part series, FROZEN PLANET, with a penguin-centric core.  Beginning yesterday and through the month of April, they will [...]

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Uncovering the Next Great Digital Product Marketing Platform

What makes digital marketing both exciting and frustrating is the quickly growing different opportunities to get your product to market and the challenges to keep up with those ever-growing outlets.  Marketers have a tough time keeping up with this quarter's hot properties and digital extensions - let alone having the opportunity to research or know [...]

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The Streaming Could Get Deliciously Messy

Late Friday, Netflix announced that they had struck a deal with 20th Television and Imagine Television to create new episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT beginning in 2013.  This could have huge repercussions across the board.  Netflix assuredly hopes that this makes people forget about their recent mis-steps and Hulu has got to be wondering how they [...]

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The Sonic Resurgence of Detroit?

A few weeks ago at ad:tech London, Amelia Torrode of VCCP focused on how Detroit is reinventing itself as a city. The city's professional sports teams are either in the MLB Playoffs (Tigers) or undefeated in the NFL (Lions) and the main industry, Automotive, is showing signs of a resurgence.  In all cases, they seem to [...]

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Miramax and Facebook – The Really Interesting Part

With the launch of the Miramax Facebook App that enables streaming rental of some of their titles, it brings up a number of fascinating elements to consider.  As we see the rush on video distribution formats that enable consumers to consume however they want - whenever they want, Facebook adds a new dimension that could have future implications [...]

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