If All Screens Are TVs, What Then?

Last week, the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences announced that they would be awarding prestigious Emmy Awards in an expansion of the short-form series category. The deeper explanation of categories and requirements is: The Emmys has expanded the short-form series awards to four categories: comedy or drama; variety; reality/non-fiction; and animation. Series must have a minimum of six episodes with an average [...]

How Do You Force Viewers To See?

While watching an NFL game on DVR, my 3 year-old daughter yelled for me to stop speeding through the commercials.  I can only dream that she actually cared enough about football to be ensconced in what was on the television.  And, any marketer or media planner would be dreaming to think that this was a sign [...]

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Marketing Triage?

Near the beginning of the series, TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY, one of the main characters, an ER Doctor, realizes that they have to do a radical change in the way they work the ER - because when nobody can die, triage priorities change in how you treat people. By no means is consumerism making such an [...]

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Becoming Numb to the Screaming and Welcoming the Whisper

Back when I was developing movies and miniseries for television, I lamented how the broadcast products were being placed against premium cable products during awards season as they had a fundamental difference - broadcast movies had to have a seven act format that required some heightened element to draw people through the commercial break while cable [...]

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