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VidCon Teases Keys to Engagement in a Shifting Marketplace

John Green Presenting the VidCon 2015 Industry Opening Keynote Attending a conference like VidCon can wear a person out - especially if the person is not the predominant target. With the majority of attendees being teens and pre-teens that are exceedingly enthusiastic about the YouTube celebrities, it's far to easy to overlook what [...]

Mapping The Cost Of Innovation

Many companies claim that they place an emphasis on innovation - and to a point, they are delivering - but when it comes specifically to marketing and buzz generation, companies set themselves up to fail in the innovation category. Sure.  They may execute a campaign that utilizes a new technology or create a video that [...]

ESPN Can Second-Screen My Life!

As part of an article about the possibility for networks co-opting event rights - like NBC's Olympic coverage this Summer - without paying a penny, ESPN's EVP of multimedia sales told Adweek, "We want to see ESPN as a second screen for all sports. We know we have a lot of companion [mobile] usage even when [...]

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Fear Forces Social Television To Grow Up

TV Guide just released a survey about Social TV and the Mass Market and while I don't know how many people were included in the survey, one thing that stood out was the top reason for people to share what they are watching.  When asked "Why do you share what you're watching," the leading response was [...]

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A Terribly Great Exemplification of Viral

Just in time for the holidays, we are seeing proof that many factors are needed to create a "Viral" video - and when they hit, they are good.  As if viral videos were as easy to achieve as a full and healthy breakfast, the request for them is often and frequent.  Before YouTube and other video [...]

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Numbers Without Context Only Bring Confusion

There have been some numbers that have come out lately that have made me laugh.  The funny part was how they were presented as something of significance in their numbers alone.  For instance, a report came out a few days ago that showcased NBC's CPM averages being higher than the other networks.  Another post today [...]

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Obama Sets The Social Table

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, the Obama team used Facebook, Twitter and other digital media/social outlets perfectly to generate support in ways we had never seen in politics before.  As the President sets out to win re-election, he is reaching back into the same well - or is he? The Obama campaign has set up [...]

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