Automakers Raise The Platform Of Inspiration

Ahhh, Automakers.  I see you did get that email.  You know? The one where it is agreed that the focus in this first quarter of the year should be on inspiration in the commercials. Honda set things off right with the Civic commercial showcasing new innovations and emoting the feeling that things can always be [...]

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ESPN Can Second-Screen My Life!

As part of an article about the possibility for networks co-opting event rights - like NBC's Olympic coverage this Summer - without paying a penny, ESPN's EVP of multimedia sales told Adweek, "We want to see ESPN as a second screen for all sports. We know we have a lot of companion [mobile] usage even when [...]

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MTV Shows a Sexy Model for Web Events

It's rare to see a media outlet that does not either create exclusive shorts or post highlights for web and mobile in order to support on-air properties.  It's even rarer to see a media outlet putting all their eggs in the online basket in the hopes of generating more buzz for the channel or brand.  [...]

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