5 Facts That Affect GREAT Social

Holiday Inn Express has just gotten past the hump of their nine city, SelfiePancake Express truck tour and there's already a few pieces of learning to be gained from this strong social content event. Signing Rob Riggle as the "Creative Director" for this campaign touting Holiday Inn Express' newly launched 60-second pancake maker that includes [...]

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Tragedy And The Brand Collateral Damage

Upon seeing the horrible replays of the horrible event during last week's bombing of the Boston Marathon, I couldn't help but notice the surrounding banners and logos that seared themselves into my memory.  Though neither John Hancock Financial nor Adidas had absolutely anything to do with the disastrous events, those images of banners and apparel [...]

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MTV Shows a Sexy Model for Web Events

It's rare to see a media outlet that does not either create exclusive shorts or post highlights for web and mobile in order to support on-air properties.  It's even rarer to see a media outlet putting all their eggs in the online basket in the hopes of generating more buzz for the channel or brand.  [...]

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A Challenge or Opportunity In Your Community

If you look at the results from a Pew Reasearch study that was just released a few weeks ago, it seems that Newspaper is not entirely dead when it comes to local information and events. It does seem to make perfectly clear that there are opportunities to fill the gap to provide comprehensive local community updates.  The [...]

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The San Diego Comic-Con Match

Yesterday, I dipped my toes in the madhouse called Comic-Con.  What has been contiuously growing beyond just comics, fantasy, sci-fi and geeks has become an annual destination for Hollywood Studios and gaming companies to show off their upcoming releases.  In the past, there were a lot of titles represented that made no sense - last year's [...]

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Aww Bananas!!

What could be thought of as Food Network's response to Cinemax's late night programming, Bananas After Dark delivers in many ways - but not the way you're thinking with your mind in the gutter! Sheesh! In reality, Food Network has nothing to do with it. Dole is in the midst of a very smart campaign [...]

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