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Facebook Is Rearranging the Bar in the Move to Timeline

Can you imagine if your favorite local store, restaurant or bar were to go through an overhaul each year?  They might have the same items, but decide to change the entire layout of the place. Or, they maintain the design and change from a breakfast-all-day place to sandwiches only.  Perhaps they decide that they will make people enter [...]

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The Power Of A Facebook Like and the Blurring Line Between User Content and Advertising Blurs Further

Have you ever had a party where you invite a new friend who doesn't know any of your friends and a few weeks later, this new friend is spending a lot of time with your friends? Facebook's Sponsored Stories are about to become many of those new friends that insert themselves in your friend's lives [...]

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Media Diversity Leads To Event Status

With studies coming out from firms like Knowledge Network and forecasts from the likes of Brian Wieser (a former ad-industry exec now with Pivotal Research Group,) the challenges and opportunities in media planning are coming to the forefront.  In what has been much of a siloed or "either/or" proposition has become more clearly a matter [...]

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MTV Shows a Sexy Model for Web Events

It's rare to see a media outlet that does not either create exclusive shorts or post highlights for web and mobile in order to support on-air properties.  It's even rarer to see a media outlet putting all their eggs in the online basket in the hopes of generating more buzz for the channel or brand.  [...]

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Facebook’s Numbers Are Head-Spinning

Being spent after a flight from LA to London, there hasn't been a lot of opportunity to catch up on what's going on, so it's a good thing that eMarketer's Facebook revenue projections caught my eye.  With a projection of more than doubling their worldwide revenue from year to year - 4.27 billion in 2011 [...]

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Miramax and Facebook – The Really Interesting Part

With the launch of the Miramax Facebook App that enables streaming rental of some of their titles, it brings up a number of fascinating elements to consider.  As we see the rush on video distribution formats that enable consumers to consume however they want - whenever they want, Facebook adds a new dimension that could have future implications [...]

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