Marketing Triage?

Near the beginning of the series, TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY, one of the main characters, an ER Doctor, realizes that they have to do a radical change in the way they work the ER - because when nobody can die, triage priorities change in how you treat people. By no means is consumerism making such an [...]

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The Tweet Sides of a Disgusting Coin

To say that the riot occurring in London are sickening is an understatement.  To even attempt to justify any of it for political reasons feels like a cop-out and overall embarrassment - but we're not here for politics.  What is alternatively unsettling and comforting is the use of social networrks like Facebook and Twidtter to organize [...]

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The True Zen of Social Media

As "Social Media" is becoming the ubiquitous catch-all flashpoint of digital marketing - and perhaps all marketing - it is becoming more apparent that the speed of development and change increases the challenge of just keeping up. The true Zen of Social Media is understanding that you don't know all the answers and can only really develop [...]

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Connected TVs Still Not Ready For Primetime

A new study shows that 62% of consumers do not yet have internet connected TVs with most of them not interested in doing so.  Wayne Friedman wrote about the study, but neither he nor the study really go into all of the forms of available content.  They focus on TV shows and films that might be streamed.  [...]

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We See The Future And It Ain’t So Far Away

The following campaign blurb was really exciting until the third line where it describes throwing a consumer on the top of a van: The makers of Stride gum will go to extreme lengths to have consumers upgrade to Stride 2.0. Stride's CEO, a human billboard at a mall, accosts a consumer unwilling to upgrade his gum. The CEO hops on [...]

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The Social Media ROI Quandary

Jonathan Salem Baskin wrote a solid post for iMedia Connection, 4 Ways to Fail at Social Media, that assumes that you can tout the benefits of Social Media all you want to CMOs, but it may do very little as so much is tied to the traditional ways of marketing and measuring campaign effectiveness.  What Baskin did [...]

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When Do Facebook’s Cavalier Policies Start Damaging Beyond Repair?

How long will Facebook continue to develop and institute new developments that cause irreparable harm for all others in the digital space?  I get it, at this point, we need Facebook as they have developed an unrivaled platform for social media. But there are risks to others - both businesses and individuals - that are causing quite a [...]

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Facebook as Media Hub – Going Too Far?

In a world of expansion in media outlets, formats and hardware, will we ever go back to single (or even a few) points of connection?  It seems like Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are doing what they can to make it so. In Ben Sisario and Miguel Helft's NY Times article, Facebook is Developing Ways To Share [...]

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Searching the Perfect Break

Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than being behind the curve is being too far ahead of the curve.  It usually leads to the lamentation that "I was there first" when everyone else jumps on the "newest thing"  6-12 months after you have executed or even just thought about it. Sometimes, it's just a matter of [...]

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