If All Screens Are TVs, What Then?

Last week, the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences announced that they would be awarding prestigious Emmy Awards in an expansion of the short-form series category. The deeper explanation of categories and requirements is: The Emmys has expanded the short-form series awards to four categories: comedy or drama; variety; reality/non-fiction; and animation. Series must have a minimum of six episodes with an average [...]

In Digital Media, Old School’s Not Where Its At

I Like MediaMind. I really do. They have been tremendous partners in assisting me in numerous game-breaking marketing executions over the years.  The ability to pull off some really cool things in the media space is helped greatly by their drive for trying new things and pushing the boundaries for rich media. That's why I [...]

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The Challenge Of Engaging The Digital Wow Factor

I've been guilty of it, too.  Especially in entertainment. There is such a hope to  emulate through online creative what happens in the move you are promoting. No matter how much I want that robotic thingy to destroy the publisher's page or that character to fly from the leaderboard unit to the MPU, it's just not [...]

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The Future Landscapes and New Economics of Original Content

Amid the beginning of the dot-com lunacy at the turn of the millennium, a company called Digital Entertainment Network (den.net) formed as an online channel for original content.  They were positioning themselves to be a form of competition for the traditional broadcast and cable outlets - programming niche original content for youth to access through their computers.  [...]

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Louis CK Trying to Crack the Digital Distribution… Umm… Nut

Radiohead blew people away in 2007 when they distributed their album, IN RAINBOWS, digitally on a "pay what you want" basis online.  Though official numbers were never released, it was rumored that there were 1.2 million downloads in the first day.  If everyone paid the minimum of $.99, that's a hefty first day of sales.  When the physical products [...]

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Siri and Kinect Leading the HAL Race

While I don't believe anyone is in a race to become HAL 9000, the villain in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey saga (brought to the big screen in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey,) the fantastic dream of being able to interact with technology by just using your voice has been a goal for many. [...]

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How Do You Force Viewers To See?

While watching an NFL game on DVR, my 3 year-old daughter yelled for me to stop speeding through the commercials.  I can only dream that she actually cared enough about football to be ensconced in what was on the television.  And, any marketer or media planner would be dreaming to think that this was a sign [...]

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