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MediaMind Brings An Exciting Possible Twist to the Future

On the same day I was writing about what the future can hold with Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility and its set-top box business, MediaMind announced a partnership with Impossible Software in a new form of video versioning that could assist in making what I wrote about a reality.  The partnership will enable advertisers to change [...]

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Google’s Motorola Mobility Deal Could Help Speed Up An Advertising Game-Changer

With all the buzz about Google acquiring Motorola Mobility, a lot has focused on the patents Google acquires and also on the set-top boxes.  What could be of key import is the set-top box.  Certainly, the patents have both short and long-term value, but their value is already known.  Depending on how Google moves forward [...]

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A Window On The Future?

How cool!  How real?! This LA Times article about some cool developmental technologies that are being developed for interaction with car windows like never before.  It is cool to see them in their own right and even cooler to think of future implications. The first product is a concept being worked on by Toyota Motor [...]

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