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ESPN Can Second-Screen My Life!

As part of an article about the possibility for networks co-opting event rights - like NBC's Olympic coverage this Summer - without paying a penny, ESPN's EVP of multimedia sales told Adweek, "We want to see ESPN as a second screen for all sports. We know we have a lot of companion [mobile] usage even when [...]

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In Digital Media, Old School’s Not Where Its At

I Like MediaMind. I really do. They have been tremendous partners in assisting me in numerous game-breaking marketing executions over the years.  The ability to pull off some really cool things in the media space is helped greatly by their drive for trying new things and pushing the boundaries for rich media. That's why I [...]

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JCDecaux Really Providing the OOH in Ooh-La-La

I have always been on the lookout for ways to not only connect with audiences in bustling cities, but also to enhance the social experience.  JCDecaux recently announced a series of "Intelligent Street Furniture" that is being placed in Paris that really excites me. We have obviously seen bus shelters with signage and even video and interactivity, but JCDecaux' [...]

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Just Because the Inventory’s There, Should It Be Taken?

Throughout the recent iMedia Video Summit, there were many mentions about penetration, reach, targeting, disruption and scale, but the discussions about actual audience experiences or emotional connections were limited. The question  pertaining to what the user would get out of the impressions was usually answered with a reading of stats, samplings and other tidbits, but [...]

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Project Re:Brief – Fascinating Proof That The Message is The Message

Imagine if the characters for MAD MEN were transported to the present and charged with devising versions of their advertisements in the digital world.  I'm not suggesting some lame movie with the mechanic of dropping characters from another time, I'm suggesting you check out Google's Project Re:Brief. It is an absolutely fascinating series where they take four commercials that stand [...]

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