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The Path to Success In The Face Of Ad-Blocking Technology

Many publishers and planners alike are lamenting the adoption of ad-blocking technology and the growth in its use by consumers. Even with the race to the lower end of costs per impression/action/conversion/whatever, there are strong revenue models in place where many businesses are reliant on those traditional methods for survival. The thing is, there's a [...]

Scarlet Strategic At CES 2013 – Showcasing Cloud Based Connectivity Innovation

The buzz surrounding next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is about many things - from the replacement of Microsoft as the Keynote to connected home solutions to the introduction of even larger TVs that may still take a while to make it to market. Scarlet Strategic and Scarlet Terrier Productions are proud to [...]

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JELL-O Takes Their Best Shot At 12.21.12

As it has become simpler (and quicker) to produce commercials and place them, we have begun to see many campaigns that are launching to coincide with specific events.  What might have once been considered a waste of money are now considered the norm - whether they are a waste of money or not.  With the [...]

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The Voice Proves That You Can Play Nice and Community Can Be Done Right

This past weekend, we did a marathon DVR viewing of the last 8 hours of the first season of THE VOICE and we were impressed.  Finally, a reality competition show that was not mean spirited in the least.  OK, maybe it sometimes ventured on too lovey-dovey. But, there were no contestants set up for ratings-driving failure embarrassments [...]

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