Seeing The Future Sometimes Only Needs Looking Under The Hood

Some (or most) news blurbs deserve (or require) more big-picture consideration than what is immediately prevalent on the surface. Coverage of GM's investment of $500M in Lyft is just one example. While part of GM's hoped-for returns is based on the opportunity for providing fleet cars for Lyft's services, a more "sexy" consideration is the [...]

What’s Up With Narrow-Mindedness When Judging Technology Firms?

With the brewing storm of excitement/dismay/wonder surrounding Facebook's acquisition of What's App, the disconnect between expectations for - or public perception about - large conglomerates and new technology business seems to have widened. Much has been discussed about melding What's App into Facebook's interface or bringing advertising into What's App's in or just a Big [...]

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Uncovering the Next Great Digital Product Marketing Platform

What makes digital marketing both exciting and frustrating is the quickly growing different opportunities to get your product to market and the challenges to keep up with those ever-growing outlets.  Marketers have a tough time keeping up with this quarter's hot properties and digital extensions - let alone having the opportunity to research or know [...]

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