Sound Strategy Can Leverage Fumbles Into Wins For Smart Companies

Too often, sports fans get upset when their opponent wins by way of a fumble recovery or one good play that enables a close victory. They exhort, "they were lucky!' Or, "it was just a lucky bounce." But the real truth is that the opposing team was just well prepared.  How many times are there [...]

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Mapping The Cost Of Innovation

Many companies claim that they place an emphasis on innovation - and to a point, they are delivering - but when it comes specifically to marketing and buzz generation, companies set themselves up to fail in the innovation category. Sure.  They may execute a campaign that utilizes a new technology or create a video that [...]

Sticking Your Neck Out For Consistency

When I attended Boston University, John Silber was the president at the time and his command of the university was controversial.  While he had been instrumental in growing the university to new heights, he was also known for controlling much more than the eduction and finances.  The best-known instance at the time actually drew Phil Donahue to televise his show [...]

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Better Sight

Vision has been on my mind a lot lately and not the esoteric kind - business or creative vision - but the real, tangible kind - what we see.  It absolutely has to do with the fact that I am going to have a laser blasting into my eyes in a couple of hours as part [...]

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Visionary Leadership in a Bad Economy

The economy has always played a large role in business, and in its current state it is highlighting a major concern across the board - the lack of Visionary Leadership.  Unfortunately, too many companies are managing their business to maintain margins instead of using this time to develop opportunities to grow once the financial issues [...]

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