If All Screens Are TVs, What Then?

Last week, the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences announced that they would be awarding prestigious Emmy Awards in an expansion of the short-form series category. The deeper explanation of categories and requirements is: The Emmys has expanded the short-form series awards to four categories: comedy or drama; variety; reality/non-fiction; and animation. Series must have a minimum of six episodes with an average [...]

Mapping The Cost Of Innovation

Many companies claim that they place an emphasis on innovation - and to a point, they are delivering - but when it comes specifically to marketing and buzz generation, companies set themselves up to fail in the innovation category. Sure.  They may execute a campaign that utilizes a new technology or create a video that [...]

Navigating the Space Between Idea and Verb

There have been many companies that have launched and succeeded (or failed) who would have dreamed of their company name or product becoming a commonly used noun, or even better, a verb.  People refer to facial tissues as Kleenex, soda pop as Coke and, within the past decade, taken on Google as a verb meaning [...]

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Navigating The Cost Of Innovation

It's a new year and we are all on the continued lookout for things new and innovative. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) kicks off every year with many promises of innovation and they often deliver. Walking those halls provides a course in one way to look at innovation - which we'll delve further into [...]

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Lessons From SXSW About Authenticity

At the SXSW Tech Conference, downtown Austin was flush with participants pitching their products and more people clamoring for and chasing insights into those products and more. Steve Smith points to the search for Authenticity in his MediaPost blog - Chasing Authenticity At SXSW.  While he was talking about Authenticity in relation to products and their [...]

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Lacking Vision and Strategy, Everyone Witnessed the Hemmorhaging While Waiting For Others To Act

On the heels of Advertising Week and all of the feel-good excitement it generates, the feeling intensified that there's too much mis-directed emphasis in digital media.  The reasons for this could be due to digital media's "youth," but I'm worried it's based more on lack of vision or creativity. Far too often, the take-aways from large events or [...]

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Digging Under The Shady Surface of Tracking IQ

In what is most likely just the tip of the iceberg, last week saw some serious drama play itself out between a mobile tracking company, Carrier IQ, and a security researcher, Trevor Eckhart.  The software is used by a number of mobile carriers on a number of mobile phones to track information that the company says help [...]

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Delivered With An Artisanal Kick

Certainly, buzzwords are key to marketing and successfully introducing new products in a glutted market. Many of them, like "Organic" afford the opportunity for the producer to charge even more - regardless of what the term actually stand for.  In that realm, it is refreshing to see a large brand giving the buzzword a kick-in-the-pants [...]

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Outstanding Future Possibilities And Keys To The Now

BBC technology reported about an exciting development in the world of computing and chips at Northwestern University. It points to a future technology that could be truly astounding and enable computing devices to be even smaller, cheaper and more powerful than the immediate direction we are heading in with silicone-based chips that are being developed [...]

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