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Showing ReSTRAINt In Outdoor Advertising

FX launched their new series THE STRAIN last night to solid critical response and viewer numbers. With a creative force behind the basic cable series of Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse, it certainly deserves a look.  Unfortunately, at least in Los Angeles and New York, that look was forced upon us in the guise [...]

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Los Angeles Billboard Check

Visitors to Los Angeles are always in awe of the number, scale and permutations of billboards across the city. To those who live here, they can often be lost within the urban sprawl. Because of this, its worth checking out some billboards of interest - and the reasons they are compelling. The buzz surrounding the [...]

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JCDecaux Really Providing the OOH in Ooh-La-La

I have always been on the lookout for ways to not only connect with audiences in bustling cities, but also to enhance the social experience.  JCDecaux recently announced a series of "Intelligent Street Furniture" that is being placed in Paris that really excites me. We have obviously seen bus shelters with signage and even video and interactivity, but JCDecaux' [...]

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Spectacular Out Of Home Opportunities Optimize Success Or Confusion

With the further development of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising due to technology and placement advances, there are certainly some eye-opening executions popping up in malls and on roadways.  The thing is, they don't always make sense - even if they are being leveraged in the best way.  In the past few weeks, we've seen some interesting [...]

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With Out-Of-Home going Hi-Tech, Grab Opportunities For Life in Lo-Fi

Out-Of-Home media has seen growth both in total spend and the creative opportunities that digital displays and technology are bringing to the equation in the 21st century.  Media and communication analysts, SNL Kagan, point to the upward trend in outdoor ad spending in their newest study, “Economics of Outdoor & Out Of Home Advertising,” with the projection [...]

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Designed With The Best Of Intentions

Martin Luther King Jr was a visionary who led with a powerful use of thought, words and education.  Recognized as one of the leading voices in the fight for equal rights in the United States - and perhaps the world - MLK continues to teach nearly 44 years after his death.  The latest opportunity to teach [...]

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Take the Right Steps in Building the Pieces of the Media Puzzle

It is undisputed that the elements of marketing are expanding and undulating at a phenomenal pace.  While some standard KPIs have been assigned to mediums and platforms, we're finding that continuous technical change and outlet specificity are making those time-tested standards irrelevant if not obsolete.  As industries and businesses, we need measurement and analytic tools to [...]

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