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Off-Color Spots Find A Home On The Internet

More brands and agencies are finding that the opportunity to generate video views cheaply online are only part of the equation.  The online video platform is allowing marketers the opportunity to present some targeted creative that might have otherwise been considered out of bounds and accesses a new audience.  A case in point is Ragu's [...]

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The Future Landscapes and New Economics of Original Content

Amid the beginning of the dot-com lunacy at the turn of the millennium, a company called Digital Entertainment Network (den.net) formed as an online channel for original content.  They were positioning themselves to be a form of competition for the traditional broadcast and cable outlets - programming niche original content for youth to access through their computers.  [...]

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In Saturated Markets, How Much Is Enough?

In the ever-growing saturation of the online video player market, TumTiki has just entered the fray and its future is not entirely clear.  While they seem to be aggregating full TV episodes, movies and short-form content from other sites like Hulu and Amazon.com - with a reported 700,000 free videos at launch - their business [...]

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Yahoo! and ABC News Buzzing About Tying The Knot… Or Just Domestic Partners?

Many are quick to downplay Yahoo's relevance as Google and Facebook make large gains in revenue while Yahoo's growth is relatively flat.  They have been working hard to temper the charge from their competitors and announced their latest salvo yesterday by forging a larger partnership with ABC news. Ross Levinsohn, EVP of the Americas at [...]

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Football Help Us!

DirecTV has launched what could be considered either funny or scary - I'm still trying to figure out.  It's one of those things where completely separate parameters can tip the scale from oddly entertaining to gratingly painfull.  Those separate parameters are controlled by the owners and players of the NFL. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning [...]

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