5 Facts That Affect GREAT Social

Holiday Inn Express has just gotten past the hump of their nine city, SelfiePancake Express truck tour and there's already a few pieces of learning to be gained from this strong social content event. Signing Rob Riggle as the "Creative Director" for this campaign touting Holiday Inn Express' newly launched 60-second pancake maker that includes [...]

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USA Displays Character To Overcome Key Challenges

One of the challenges in entertainment is building a brand.  On the theatrical and home entertainment side, the titles change and it can sometimes feel like you are starting from scratch with each new release.  Disney may have a leg up on everyone else because of their overall brand and audience recognition, but often even that [...]

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A Twitter Account’s Legal Questions Lead to Ground Rules for Social Branding

A legal story that broke last week in reference to a Twitter account and its ownership brings up some interesting questions about how brands and companies should consider or engage Twitter - or perhaps all of social media.  The specific lawsuit that was written about in outlets like the New York Times and BBC focuses on [...]

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Scarlet Strategic

It's not often that a resource avails itself with in-depth, global experience and knowledge about multiple forms of communication and outreach for disparate clients - regardless of industry.  Connecting with consumers is no longer governed by one or two mediums.  It really isn't even about a few mediums - its about using all of the opportunities [...]

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