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Privacy Irrelevance?

Another season and another Digital Hollywood ended yesterday and is officially in the books. While there were a couple of recurring themes - social, Netflix, Big Data, social and social - one of the larger "Eureka" moments was the clarity on the idea that debates on privacy and social or browsing are somewhat irrelevant. It is [...]

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Packaging And What Nots

Just a few quick hits... SOUP & WARHOL Campbell's Soup is effectively double-dipping into the oeuvre of Warhol's "32 Campbell's Soup Cans" by trying to generate a buzz about the pieces of art that were created 50 years ago.  They have released four limited edition cans in Target Stores commemorating the release of those prints [...]

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Facebook Is Rearranging the Bar in the Move to Timeline

Can you imagine if your favorite local store, restaurant or bar were to go through an overhaul each year?  They might have the same items, but decide to change the entire layout of the place. Or, they maintain the design and change from a breakfast-all-day place to sandwiches only.  Perhaps they decide that they will make people enter [...]

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Digging Under The Shady Surface of Tracking IQ

In what is most likely just the tip of the iceberg, last week saw some serious drama play itself out between a mobile tracking company, Carrier IQ, and a security researcher, Trevor Eckhart.  The software is used by a number of mobile carriers on a number of mobile phones to track information that the company says help [...]

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Google’s Motorola Mobility Deal Could Help Speed Up An Advertising Game-Changer

With all the buzz about Google acquiring Motorola Mobility, a lot has focused on the patents Google acquires and also on the set-top boxes.  What could be of key import is the set-top box.  Certainly, the patents have both short and long-term value, but their value is already known.  Depending on how Google moves forward [...]

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Are We Giving Away The Opportunity to Truly Broaden Our Base?

Sort of following along the lines of yesterday's post - have recent trends and technological advances caused us to become less effective in marketing and the opportunities or choices available? It used to be that a commercial could run during a Broadcast Television Primetime Show and you knew the basic demos.  Not every commerical would be relevant or [...]

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When Do Facebook’s Cavalier Policies Start Damaging Beyond Repair?

How long will Facebook continue to develop and institute new developments that cause irreparable harm for all others in the digital space?  I get it, at this point, we need Facebook as they have developed an unrivaled platform for social media. But there are risks to others - both businesses and individuals - that are causing quite a [...]

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