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Say It Ain’t So! More Great Cup ‘a Joe Tech?

This morning, while putting gas in my car, I pulled out my mobile device and placed a mobile order for a Venti Latte (1% Milk and No Foam) with around 5 button presses on the Starbucks mobile app. When the gas was filled, I jumped in the car and drove 100 yards to the nearest [...]

Wonka Taught My 4-yo Everything About Marketing

So, maybe there's no truth in my daughter learning anything about marketing while watching the 1971 Gene Wilder version of WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, but there was certainly compelling content that could lead to a dissertation for anyone who cares to share on their way to a marketing degree. Though one of my [...]

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JCPenney Gets The Buzz But Misses The Point

Sarah Mahoney might have incorrectly or unfairly categorized JCPenney's newest ad as pandering to the Right in her recent MediaPost entry.  Whether it is, in fact, the company's attempt to counter any backlash that they have received from their same-sex marriage ads or not, they might be doing more damage than good - due to [...]

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Yahoo! and ABC News Buzzing About Tying The Knot… Or Just Domestic Partners?

Many are quick to downplay Yahoo's relevance as Google and Facebook make large gains in revenue while Yahoo's growth is relatively flat.  They have been working hard to temper the charge from their competitors and announced their latest salvo yesterday by forging a larger partnership with ABC news. Ross Levinsohn, EVP of the Americas at [...]

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Google’s Motorola Mobility Deal Could Help Speed Up An Advertising Game-Changer

With all the buzz about Google acquiring Motorola Mobility, a lot has focused on the patents Google acquires and also on the set-top boxes.  What could be of key import is the set-top box.  Certainly, the patents have both short and long-term value, but their value is already known.  Depending on how Google moves forward [...]

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