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A New Form Of Superstar Athlete? A Little Bit Of Content Will Do…

It wasn't so long ago that people would provide a quizzical stare when presented the concept of eSports as an industry and an even shorter time since people would laugh at the thought of eSports becoming big business with a huge following. Now, adding to the list of new generational tastes and trends that bucked [...]

It Sucks When You Stop Showing Up To The Party And Nobody Cares

After a ten-day blackout of Viacom-owned cable networks on DirecTV, the sides finally announced this morning that they have come to an agreement. It may be a while before it is absolutely clear what the real impact of this standoff was. During the blackout, there were measurable elements that fluctuated but the real ramifications could be [...]

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The Streaming Could Get Deliciously Messy

Late Friday, Netflix announced that they had struck a deal with 20th Television and Imagine Television to create new episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT beginning in 2013.  This could have huge repercussions across the board.  Netflix assuredly hopes that this makes people forget about their recent mis-steps and Hulu has got to be wondering how they [...]

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A New Site Called Grovelster – Ooops, Qwikster…

With Netflix CEO Reed Hastings doing a mea-culpa unlike many (if any) seen before, his company has actually apologized by announcing a new company, Qwikster.  The company will be a sister company of Netflix with Netflix retaining the streaming of movies component and Qwikster taking on the physical DVD distribution business.  The nice addition for the [...]

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Allow Consumption In Any Way – But Smart Decisions Need to Be Made

While monetization for Studios, Networks and Cable companies is key, the reality is that viewers/consumers now have so many ways to watch entertainment and they expect it to be available in the way they want it.  Those sources can either be ignored - which leads to acquiring of content illegally - or they can be provided.  Which [...]

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