Media Diversity Leads To Event Status

With studies coming out from firms like Knowledge Network and forecasts from the likes of Brian Wieser (a former ad-industry exec now with Pivotal Research Group,) the challenges and opportunities in media planning are coming to the forefront.  In what has been much of a siloed or "either/or" proposition has become more clearly a matter [...]

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Are We Giving Away The Opportunity to Truly Broaden Our Base?

Sort of following along the lines of yesterday's post - have recent trends and technological advances caused us to become less effective in marketing and the opportunities or choices available? It used to be that a commercial could run during a Broadcast Television Primetime Show and you knew the basic demos.  Not every commerical would be relevant or [...]

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Oprah as Inventor of Social Media?

When reading through the Sunday LA Times, I was a little taken aback my Mary McNamara's posit that Oprah Winfrey is the inventor of Social Media in her Critic's Notebook Column. To be honest, the entire read was like a bit of a prolonged volley in tennis.  I was with her on the title "Society stays [...]

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