If All Screens Are TVs, What Then?

Last week, the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences announced that they would be awarding prestigious Emmy Awards in an expansion of the short-form series category. The deeper explanation of categories and requirements is: The Emmys has expanded the short-form series awards to four categories: comedy or drama; variety; reality/non-fiction; and animation. Series must have a minimum of six episodes with an average [...]

JELL-O Takes Their Best Shot At 12.21.12

As it has become simpler (and quicker) to produce commercials and place them, we have begun to see many campaigns that are launching to coincide with specific events.  What might have once been considered a waste of money are now considered the norm - whether they are a waste of money or not.  With the [...]

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Marketing Of Prescription Drugs Going to The Dogs

We have now become used to television commercials for prescription meds with their sadly humorous speed-reading of warnings and side-effects.  I guess that's why the ad for Trifexis caught my eye. The spot ran just as any other prescription drug spot would run with that very same disclaimer blog - both in voice-over and text. But [...]

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Fear Forces Social Television To Grow Up

TV Guide just released a survey about Social TV and the Mass Market and while I don't know how many people were included in the survey, one thing that stood out was the top reason for people to share what they are watching.  When asked "Why do you share what you're watching," the leading response was [...]

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How Do You Force Viewers To See?

While watching an NFL game on DVR, my 3 year-old daughter yelled for me to stop speeding through the commercials.  I can only dream that she actually cared enough about football to be ensconced in what was on the television.  And, any marketer or media planner would be dreaming to think that this was a sign [...]

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Connected TVs Still Not Ready For Primetime

A new study shows that 62% of consumers do not yet have internet connected TVs with most of them not interested in doing so.  Wayne Friedman wrote about the study, but neither he nor the study really go into all of the forms of available content.  They focus on TV shows and films that might be streamed.  [...]

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Use The Data, Luke!

Storytellers will be the first to tell you that without an audience, they're not storytellers.  Could the same thing be said if there is an audience but they're not engaged by what the storyteller has to say?  The answer to that question could be argued either way, but the real takeaway is whether the storyteller [...]

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Allow Consumption In Any Way – But Smart Decisions Need to Be Made

While monetization for Studios, Networks and Cable companies is key, the reality is that viewers/consumers now have so many ways to watch entertainment and they expect it to be available in the way they want it.  Those sources can either be ignored - which leads to acquiring of content illegally - or they can be provided.  Which [...]

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Facebook as Media Hub – Going Too Far?

In a world of expansion in media outlets, formats and hardware, will we ever go back to single (or even a few) points of connection?  It seems like Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are doing what they can to make it so. In Ben Sisario and Miguel Helft's NY Times article, Facebook is Developing Ways To Share [...]

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