The Tensions Surrounding Negative Aspects In The Evolution Of Social Media

We've all benefitted in some form or another from the advances in technology made by industries that are all about destruction.  One simple example is the proliferation of navigation systems in our cars and mobile phones - made possible due to the military's development of the satellites and the underlying technology. But, it can be [...]

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Can Unilever and NBCU Deliver the Best Integrated Campaign Ever?

Unilever and NBC Universal timed their announcement of what may turn out to be the biggest integrated marketing program we've seen tied to television to launch Unilever's new hair-care product, Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy.  Unilever has hit some transmedia home runs before as seen with their Dove "campaign for Real Beauty" and this partnership with [...]

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JCDecaux Really Providing the OOH in Ooh-La-La

I have always been on the lookout for ways to not only connect with audiences in bustling cities, but also to enhance the social experience.  JCDecaux recently announced a series of "Intelligent Street Furniture" that is being placed in Paris that really excites me. We have obviously seen bus shelters with signage and even video and interactivity, but JCDecaux' [...]

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Steve Martin and the Tao of Twitter

When Twitter first started coming on, it seemed like it was yet another opportunity for people that feel their every action needs to be shared with the world to share every little action with the word.  Thankfully, people are limited to 140 characters so that there is some sort of art to writing the tweets. [...]

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Spectacular Out Of Home Opportunities Optimize Success Or Confusion

With the further development of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising due to technology and placement advances, there are certainly some eye-opening executions popping up in malls and on roadways.  The thing is, they don't always make sense - even if they are being leveraged in the best way.  In the past few weeks, we've seen some interesting [...]

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A Twitter Account’s Legal Questions Lead to Ground Rules for Social Branding

A legal story that broke last week in reference to a Twitter account and its ownership brings up some interesting questions about how brands and companies should consider or engage Twitter - or perhaps all of social media.  The specific lawsuit that was written about in outlets like the New York Times and BBC focuses on [...]

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Twitter’s New Interface Enables Users (and Advertisers) To Fly

While Twitter has been hailed for its number of users and frequency of Tweets, there always seemed to be major pieces missing and their just-unveiled redesign seems to square a number of those missing elements.  Many people have Twitter accounts but don't use them often.  Many more people don't clearly understand how to best use [...]

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