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Mapping The Cost Of Innovation

Many companies claim that they place an emphasis on innovation - and to a point, they are delivering - but when it comes specifically to marketing and buzz generation, companies set themselves up to fail in the innovation category. Sure.  They may execute a campaign that utilizes a new technology or create a video that [...]

Navigating The Cost Of Innovation

It's a new year and we are all on the continued lookout for things new and innovative. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) kicks off every year with many promises of innovation and they often deliver. Walking those halls provides a course in one way to look at innovation - which we'll delve further into [...]

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The Growing Pains Of Vision

Last week, NPR ran a piece on the challenges that JC Penney is facing while they shift the way they do business under (relatively) new CEO, Ron Johnson. While listening, it brought to mind some of the factors we often deal with when working with clients, management, and teams to institute new programs, processes and [...]

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Lacking Vision and Strategy, Everyone Witnessed the Hemmorhaging While Waiting For Others To Act

On the heels of Advertising Week and all of the feel-good excitement it generates, the feeling intensified that there's too much mis-directed emphasis in digital media.  The reasons for this could be due to digital media's "youth," but I'm worried it's based more on lack of vision or creativity. Far too often, the take-aways from large events or [...]

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Linsanity Proves To Be A Vision For Business

The buzz this weekend has been all about Jeremy Lin. Whitney Houston's death might have taken a little bit away, but even those in the music business were talking about Lin.  If you don't know who he is, you're not that much more out of the loop than almost everybody on the plan prior to [...]

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The Future Landscapes and New Economics of Original Content

Amid the beginning of the dot-com lunacy at the turn of the millennium, a company called Digital Entertainment Network (den.net) formed as an online channel for original content.  They were positioning themselves to be a form of competition for the traditional broadcast and cable outlets - programming niche original content for youth to access through their computers.  [...]

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Designed With The Best Of Intentions

Martin Luther King Jr was a visionary who led with a powerful use of thought, words and education.  Recognized as one of the leading voices in the fight for equal rights in the United States - and perhaps the world - MLK continues to teach nearly 44 years after his death.  The latest opportunity to teach [...]

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Does Home Work for Paramount?

Paramount just announced a restructuring, with a number of divisions coming together under one name to more readily respond to the growing forms of distribution for content under the name Worldwide Home Media Distribution.  There are a couple of key components that make it interesting; the formalization of bringing digital distribution under Home Entertainment (which [...]

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Better Sight

Vision has been on my mind a lot lately and not the esoteric kind - business or creative vision - but the real, tangible kind - what we see.  It absolutely has to do with the fact that I am going to have a laser blasting into my eyes in a couple of hours as part [...]

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Visionary Leadership in a Bad Economy

The economy has always played a large role in business, and in its current state it is highlighting a major concern across the board - the lack of Visionary Leadership.  Unfortunately, too many companies are managing their business to maintain margins instead of using this time to develop opportunities to grow once the financial issues [...]

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