//Whipping Products Together To Form A Fan Frenzy

Whipping Products Together To Form A Fan Frenzy

There’s not much that’s truly original nowadays.  While titles of shows and movies may change, their stories are quite often very similar to something you’ve seen before.  Games and toys are generally revamps of items that have been around for decades (or even centuries).  And, if you check out fashion, there is an uncanny bit of style that comes back around every three decades. Sure, there’s usually some twist, but how do you get people to buy into your new product when it seems we’ve been there before?  The NFL doesn’t have the specific problem that others have – as it’s a sporting event and comes with its own built-in fan-base – but they are making great use of existing products that can help to separate themselves from the pack.

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In anticipation for the new NFL season (when everyone can hold hope that their team might actually be good before proving otherwise on the field) the NFL network has announced a cool program surrounding their slate of Thursday night games airing on NFL Network. Engaging the fan community, NFL Network is asking fans to submit videos of themselves singing the chorus for the new Cee Lo Green song (based on The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop”) that will kick off each Thursday night’s coverage – beginning September 13th.  To refresh memories, the song is the one with the repeated calls of “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!“.  Green will certainly add his artistic touches, but the videos of fans singing the well-known chorus will be spliced into the 90 second intro.

This engagement choice is strong because it seems like such a no-brainer.  They’ve provided the platform to bring Social Media to a new height – at least in terms of broadcast video.  The residual ability for fans to drive viewership of the intro – once finding out that their videos were selected – means that there should be a larger life for the intro videos than there would have been if fans were not incorporated.

This program’s components point to the additive benefit of Social Media.  Even the social features are derivative of other programs that have been done before, but their packaging is what brings it to another level.  Will more people tune in at the beginning of broadcasts to see the Fanthem?  We’ll see, but the NFL should definitely drive more interest both night-of and following on sites and social networks.  If Monday Night Football’s Hank William Jr’s song was able to energize the fan-base, this Cee Lo Green mashup with The Ramones using a strategic package of social media platforms should right whip them into a frenzy.

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