If All Screens Are TVs, What Then?

Last week, the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences announced that they would be awarding prestigious Emmy Awards in an expansion of the short-form series category. The deeper explanation of categories and requirements is: The Emmys has expanded the short-form series awards to four categories: comedy or drama; variety; reality/non-fiction; and animation. Series must have a minimum of six episodes with an average [...]

Don’t Let Your Brand Name Fall Flat On Your Audience

Often, there's a name that really sticks among the founders of the company. There's a ring to it... It makes people smile... It seems obviously right... Or, frequently, in these times, the cute omission of vowels in a product name is just plain cool. Unfortunately, some of those names get lost in translation. The BBC's [...]

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Google’s Gotta Give

In an instance that really makes your shake your head in wonderment or disgust, the BBC reported that Google finally removed a review claiming that a shopkeeper had fondled his 9 year-old child. The review in whole was not just about the fondling - but also an allegation that the customer was cheated on a [...]

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Outstanding Future Possibilities And Keys To The Now

BBC technology reported about an exciting development in the world of computing and chips at Northwestern University. It points to a future technology that could be truly astounding and enable computing devices to be even smaller, cheaper and more powerful than the immediate direction we are heading in with silicone-based chips that are being developed [...]

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